Lakru Method for the Transgender Female Voice

In early October I was in Berlin to attend an intensive course on this subject. To be immersed in this fascinating subject for 5 days, together with mainly speech therapists, and everything in German, that made a difference… ..

But how much I have learned about the counterpart of the women's tenor, which I teach to sound just a bit masculine. This group of women with whom I was also personally allowed to work are looking for a feminine sound in their higher vocal range. Born as a boy and after puberty also in possession of a low bass or baritone, it is not easy to find that voice. But the 2 specialists, Stephanie Kruse and Thomas Lascheit who are also EMTs in the Estill method, are very knowledgeable and have years of experience in the method. In the meantime, 600 female clients have already been helped with this therapy in Berlin.

I myself would like to delve into the community of transgender people to see if I can mean something for these people with regard to the voice transition. I am currently developing a musical workshop for groups of transgender women.

Because the method mainly consists of the application of exercises from EVT, I am now looking for trial clients.

Sign up if you dare to experiment! The intake is free of charge!

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Below is a special interview with a transgender woman who sings professionally in an opera choir in Argentina and has changed her voice from tenor to soprano! Click on the image to read the whole article (English).

Maria Castillo de Lima who changed her voice type from tenor to soprano is making a career as an opera singer.