Estill Voice Training

Since 2012 I have been a Estill Master Trainer (EMT) and active member of the EVI Community. Last summer I gave a story during the 9th Estill World Voice Symposium about the success of Estill Voice Training (EVT) for women's towers. A video has been made of the lecture here can view.

EVT is for everyone, but also for very special target groups such as women's towers and transgender women. The system of exercises makes it possible to independently control different parts of your voice, such as lips, tongue, palate, position of the larynx and much more. That still sounds complicated, but in practice simple exercises are used. It is a matter of becoming aware of what you can already do. The exercises give you more freedom in choosing a particular singing style or use of voice for a special purpose. Instead of 3 you suddenly have 1000 colors in your voice! I work according to the principle of motor learning, derived from the training of top athletes that leads to a quick and permanent result.