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Blog February 8, 2020

Photo: Sven Menschel

The fact that more and more women find their way to the group of tenors of the mixed classical choir gives me great satisfaction. We are all catching up with a high level of emancipation and at the same time we help distressed choirs to a strong tenor section!

With pleasure and dedication I develop and give training to women who already sing as a chorus or who have planned to do so.

At the moment it is a bit quiet with practical workshops. After a busy but successful season I have to take a little more rest. And then reflection and reorientation naturally arise. The time seems right to write an instructive handbook for the female chorus ear. Positive experiences of students with exercises from 'Estill Voice Training' will serve as a starting point, as well as my own experiential knowledge accumulated during more than 15 years of tenor singing as a professional. Because despite the fact that women already sing successfully in their low register, I know that there is much more quality to be achieved. It can be MORE BEAUTIFUL, MORE MALE-LIKE, LOUDER and on top: MORE EMOTIONAL. Yes, the masculine side may also come out more. Now that I immerse myself in the Transgender female voice, I realize that I am a woman and I feel perfectly at home in my own body, but that I have many masculine qualities that also like to be addressed ... And it is wonderful and liberating to best of both sides, to explore and blossom the feminine and the masculine. I feel like a more complete and versatile person now that I have so much bandwidth and allow myself to choose a role that suits my mood or one that is most needed.

Recognizable? Would you also like to learn how to express and unite the masculine and feminine in your voice? Come to the studio in Wageningen for a (trial) session of individual coaching or organize a group of interested parties and ask me to find your best tenor voice together. Workshops can also take place at a location that is conveniently close by for the participants.  

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